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Since 1985, NSS security screen and alarm screen clients include alarm companies, architectural
firms, homebuilders, private homeowners,
educational institutions, government and
military housing and corporate security firms.

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Alarm Screens and Home Alarm Systems
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National Security Screens
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Security screens protect your home from window intruders, while allowing ventilation and light in!

Standard Alarm Screen or Security Screen Schematic

Standard Alarm Screen

National Security Screens and Alarm Screens

Features and Benefits

Security screens (otherwise known as window alarm screens) are mesh screens with interwoven detection wires that not only keep bugs out but also set off your integrated alarm system if an intruder tampers with them. Home security window screens are a much more attractive alternative to window bars, providing both ventilation and light, while restricting access to unwanted bugs, animal or human intruders. In addition to your alarm being set off should an intruder attempt to cut the detection wires, there may also be a detector switch between the edge of the mesh screen and the window frame. This causes your alarm to sound if the alarm burglar screen is attempted to be removed - before the intruder is even on the inside of your home or business.

Cleaning home security window screens isn't difficult; once the alarm system off, the screen is removed from the window and gently cleaned with warm soapy water - though should not be washed too vigorously, or with a hose, because of the electrical contacts and switches.

Many existing window screens can be refit by National Security Screens with detection wires and detector switches, and screens are available in both standard sizes or custom made to ensure a proper fit. National Security Screens manufactures, assembles and ships alarm screens from its headquarters in Northern Virginia. Security Screens or Alarm window screens offer clear benefits - continued light, ventilation and curb appeal, with added security protection and peace of mind.

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